A Joint Venture
between Betatype & OxMet Technologies

New Material
Optimised Mesh
Design Platform
AM Production

We are developing a novel metamaterial design platform for orthopaedics


Proprietary Bio-Alloy 

optimised using an advanced alloy platform

• OxMet have patented an orthopaedic alloy that is optimised for biocompatibility, elastic modulus, strength, cost and additive manufacturability.
• Lower stiffness than Ti64 with reduced stress-shielding and major design flexibility.
• Currently undergoing mechanical and biological testing.


Generative Mesh

 leading lattice design, development, and production

• Betatype has a customisable orthopaedic lattice with bone-like properties.
• Proven capability to design and additive manufacture.
• Proven improvements in osseointegration over standard stochastic meshes. 
• Proprietary software for tuning lattices to patient needs.
• Proven ability to incorporate mesh design into complex implants.


Implant Design 

Design tailored to patient and surgeon requirements


Mesh generation platform helps surgeons decide on optimal mesh topology


Optimised Additive Manufacturing  

Accurate, scalable & fast build preparation
40% faster production

• Proven capability with a proprietary build process to build implants 40% faster.
• Build files can be prepared and optimised within minutes. Part-stacking and laser-path optimisation algorithms ensure speed and accuracy.
• Build files can be distributed to certified contract manufactures – these work across a wide range of AM machines.
• The combination of our technologies provides an implant with unique balance of mechano-biological performance which is uniquely tailored to the patient needs.
• Patented Technology.

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